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U.S. WiiWare may wait an eternity for Eternity's Child


Well, this royally sucks: Eternity's Child creator Luc Bernard has admitted that there are no plans to bring quirky platform game Eternity's Child to North America's WiiWare service. Instead, only Europe will receive the title, with Bernard anticipating a release there "at the end of Q3."

Speaking to WiiWare World, Bernard said that he had no control over when or where the game comes out, and that UK publisher Alten8 was in charge of such matters. The only consolation for U.S. fans eagerly awaiting the game is that a version will be available to PC owners via the Steam service at the end of this month. But, y'know, we deal with Wii here, so we're officially disappointed.

Also in his chat with WiiWare World, Bernard defended World of Goo's shift to retail in Europe, and complained that publishers had little time for innovative games, even on WiiWare. Quoth Bernard: "Maybe I should put in a space marine with a gun that is defending Earth from space Nazis for them to be interested!" Space Nazis? We'd actually play that.


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