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WWI08: Diablo 3 design fundamentals (Part 2 - Q&A)

Jennie Lees

Audience Q&A

Q: Do you plan to keep the 4/5 man typical group size or will you design for much larger groups?
A: Group size isn't a technical restriction, but a gameplay one. Smaller groups are better due to the camera restriction. We haven't really decided but we'll focus on whatever gives the best experience, that'll be 4 or maybe 5 person parties.

Q: Will you increase inventory size?
A: We haven't decided. We're improving the inventory system and it'll be easier to trade items between your characters or other players. We'll pick a size appropriate to gameplay.

Q: There are a lot of WoW players and Diablo II players, which audience are you aiming at?
A: We haven't a particular aim. We're making the game for people who love Diablo, and there's plenty of room for both WoW and Diablo, we've no intention to play one game against the other.

"We have no plans to carry classes over. It's a fresh start, we haven't finalized the final classes or how many there will be."

Q: Will the seven classes from Diablo II be kept as well as the new classes you're introducing?
A: We have no plans to carry classes over. It's a fresh start, we haven't finalized the final classes or how many there will be. We're not trying to bring back Diablo II classes.

Q: Will there be different systems like mana, energy and rage for each class?
A: We're exploring these systems, we have no specific plans.

Q: Will there be hardcore mode in Diablo III?
A: I don't see why we wouldn't. That decision is made towards the end of development, we might not, but we probably will.

Q: With the loot system in Diablo II, the player with the fastest connection often got the loot. Will this change?
A: We're changing the drop system. Monsters will drop multiple items, each player will see loot generated for them.

Q: Will you be able to respec your player's skills?
A: We're not talking about it but I think it's a bad idea not to. I can't give you any specifics.

Q: Is the witch doctor a spiritual successor to the necromancer?
A: It's not really a replacement. It's a really cool class that we liked the sound of. The witch doctor doesn't prohibit us deciding to put a necromancer class in too.

"The witch doctor doesn't prohibit us deciding to put a necromancer class in too."

Q: How does the gear system differ from Diablo II?
A: There are new features for items planned. The core system isn't drastically changed. The loot structure is already good, we've maintained and improved on that.

Q: Will there still be the ability to cheat over
A: I can't give you specifics, there's a new version of with a huge focus on cheats and anti-hack. We really want to make sure it works as cheating hurts the community.

Q: Will there be secret areas and hidden levels?
A: That's a secret.

Q: Will single-player and co-operative play be balanced? Do you have to group to get the best items?
A: The game experience is different in co-op but items will be available in both modes, there won't be anything available in co-op you can't get in single player.

Q: You announced LoD in 2001, why is the sequel so late?
A: It's a development issue. We wanted to make a game worthy of being a Blizzard game, so it took this long to make it that good.

Q: Will male and female characters have different attributes?
A: There will be no differences beyond physical appearance. We don't want to get into that area.

Q: Will system requirements be high or will a WoW-capable PC run it? Will you need DirectX 10?
A: It's not settled but Blizzard's goal is to support a broad set of systems. We'll have as low system requirements as we can. We don't plan to use DirectX 10 at the moment.

Q: Will there be a map editor?
A: We haven't nailed specifics but the Diablo series isn't very friendly to mods, mostly due to the random nature of the game. It's not a big focus of ours. But we haven't decided.

Q: In Diablo II there was a rune system, will you keep that?
A: No comment at this time.

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