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Around Azeroth: The face of terror


I've been doing Around Azeroth for four months or so now, and I've got to say that this screenshot is the most horrifying thing I've been sent so far. (Besides the spam, which yesterday included "Exchange yuor six life," "All the bling-bling you'll ever need," and about two hundred messages in Russian.) I've been trying to hold off on glitch posts, but this one just couldn't wait.

This monster from beyond hell actually spawned from the video card of Milla of Thrall. It's similar to the glitch suffered by the winner of Glitchstravaganza, but much worse. His screen went black for a few seconds, but when it returned, all of the player characters became black shadows, and the NPC skins had been replaced by other textures. In particular, the genial, freckled face of Auctioner Lympkin disappeared. It was replaced by a full-body skin of the face of some monstrous proto-human. Urgh. Would you buy a stack of Netherweave cloth from this man?

Do you have any unusual World of Warcraft images that are just collecting dust in your screenshots folder? We'd love to see it on Around Azeroth! Sharing your screenshot is as simple as e-mailing with a copy of your shot and a brief explanation of the scene. You could be featured here next!

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