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Ask X3F: Revolution edition


This is it. This is the 26th episode of Ask X3F. We've been doing this for half a year now. In fact, we missed a week at least once, so we've been doing it even longer. It seems like only yesterday when we were answering questions on Christmas morning. Ah, memories. But enough of this sentimental codswallop! It's time to answer some questions. This week we answer queries about Xbox 360 memory units, the DRM tool and box art. Oh, and we should mention this is also the first edition of Ask X3F to include not one, but two haiku poems. Don't bother yourself with silly questions about how (or why) there are haikus in a question and answer column. Just read the column and enjoy it.

Got a question for Ask X3F? Maybe you have a story or some information you'd like to share? Send it all to ask [at] xbox360fanboy [dawt] com.

Hey X3F,

First off, I love the website. Secondly, with the nearing release of CivRev, I would have thought there might be a little more fanfare on the site, but it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal to you guys. I have downloaded the demo, and it seems like a pretty good continuation of the series. Is there something you guys know that I don't?


Jordan, most of us are actually pretty intrigued about Civilization Revolution. If there hasn't been any "fanfare," it's probably because there isn't really anything to report. We've talked about it on the Fancast (quite extensively, actually). It's a really nice, streamlined version of Civilization that seems to do exactly what it was meant to do, make Civilization enjoyable on a console. For all of you out there looking for something different on your Xbox 360, definitely give the demo a try.

I was able to purchase one of my series 1 figures at KB Toys (Master Chief) with limited supply, and the second (white spartan) with a good stock mind you, at Spencer Gifts, as far as i know that store if not both are usually always located in malls, i live in Illinois by the way so i guess this is just a helpful tip for the readers, good day.

GT: Teh Bonerer

Thanks, Frank. You heard 'im folks. If you want your Halo 3 action figures and you just can't bear to shop online for them, try your local Spencer's Gifts, your one-stop sexual novelty and action figure emporium -- seriously, if you've never been in a Spencer's, it's a weird store.

For what it's worth, we can't find the figures on the company's website at all. Go figure.

Hi guys,

I have an xbox 360 with the 20 gb hard drive and I have been enjoying the 2 month free xbox live trial but it is coming to an end. I still want to play with my friends and get achievements when I go to there house but I won't be able to sign in because I don't have xbox live (I plan to get xbox live gold in about 1-2 months from now since I have many single player campaign games I need to go through). I have read that i can use a memory card to take my gamertag info with me to my friend's house and after getting an achievement, I can upload that information to my hd on my 360 at home. My question is, should I get a memory card to be able to do this and if so, what size should i get? I also might use it as an extra save slot. Please let me know.


Daniel, the 360 memory unit was made for exactly your situation. Honestly, it doesn't matter which size you get if all you plan to do is cart your Gamertag from place to place and maybe store an additional save file or two. We suggest finding a used memory unit at your local used game store. You might be able to find one fairly cheap on sites like eBay, but there's a decent chance the shipping costs will be jacked pretty high. If you don't care how much space you have, you should be able to find a 64MB memory unit for around $20-30.

Hi guys,

Quick question regarding the new DRM tool that hopefully you can dig up an answer to. When they say it can be used only once every 12 months... do they mean the tool itself, or each individual license? For example... can I re-license only what I actually want/need for offline use right now and the go back later to move the licenses of my other content? Or do I need to re-license all 700+ pieces of content that I've purchased in a single go?

Thanks in advance,


Okay, we talked to someone from Microsoft, and this is our best understanding of the issue. First of all, it's the tool itself that can only be used once every six months. You then have thirty days to sign into the console that you transferred the licenses to. You do not have to re-license everything at the same time. It shouldn't matter how long it takes you to redownload everything. After all, the licenses are supposedly already tied to your console after using the tool. Still, our Microsoft contact suggest getting it all transferred within 30 days to be safe (yes, the tool even seems to be confusing folks at Microsoft too). Do a handful of downloads every day and you should be fine. You might want to start with the stuff you want most.

We might as well take this time to ask everyone out there how their experience with DRM tool has been. Is everything going smoothly, or have you run into problems?

Wired controllers are nice, not so nice when you lose the 'break-away' cable and the controller becomes useless. any ideas?

We don't think Microsoft will replace your missing cables (we were unable to get an official response as of this posting). As such, you're pretty much stuck with ordering some cable extenders. These are available online from plenty of different vendors.. The only downside, depending on your point of view, is that these are designed to extend your cable, so they're pretty long. Still, it's not like you have much choice in the matter. You'll just have to find a vendor you trust and order what you need.

Dear X3F,

I'll like to ask where I can find cover/box art for Xbox 360 games, namely Forza Motorsport 2. Not the front cover art mind you, but the complete box art, from front, spine to the back cover.

Thanks, D

It just so happens there is a service dedicated specifically to storing high resolution versions of Xbox box art. We covered it a while ago. Just head over to the Xbox 360 section of and find the box art you need. The site will load up a JPG that you can save, print, and slip into a DVD case. Voila, box art replaced. Oh, and yes, they do have Forza 2.

I think I already asked this, but I decided to rewrite it in Haiku:

I ask you question
H1 in H3 engine
would it be awesome

Yes, 'twould be awesome
But it will never ever
Happen, not ever

Hey X3F,

I had a quick question. I'm looking to save my gamer profile to a memory card so it doesn't take forever to recover at a friends house. Having a hard drive unit, however, I don't have a memory card, and the prices seem a bit...inflated. A quick google search revealed only some stuff for the original xbox, but I was hoping you guys would of heard of some method.

As mentioned above, you can snag a 64MB memory unit for $20-30 if you try. There really isn't a better way to transfer your Gamertag, unfortunately. It can't live on more than one console, so if you don't want to recover it every time you go to your friend's place (which is a pain), you don't have much of a choice. $20 isn't that much, especially if you plan to use it frequently.

That's it for this week, folks. Keep sending your questions to: ask [at] xbox360fanboy [dawt] com.

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