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Blockbuster CEO to Studios: Make more copies of Blu-ray films

Ben Drawbaugh

Now that Blu-ray is almost running full steam ahead with all the studios on board and full profile stand-alone players right around the corner, this holiday season is going to prove to be an important one for the adoption of Blu-ray. Blockbuster's CEO Jim Keyes wants to help out and says "We think the rental model can help Blu-ray." He believes that Blu-ray can help extend the packaged media model another five to ten years, but to make it work the studios need to get serious and make more copies of Blu-ray films. He goes on to explain that if the studios don't speed up the mass-market product, that the entire industry could lose out to digital downloads. While we love the idea of digital downloads, we are not willing to sacrifice any quality just to save us from handling a shinny round disc, but at the same time we don't have any problems renting or buying just about any Blu-ray movie we want.

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