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Mac market share nears 8%; Safari tops 6.3%

Robert Palmer

The Mac accounts for 7.94 percent of computers on the Internet, and Safari is the browser of choice for 6.31 percent of the same audience, so says

This increases Mac users' worldwide presence by nearly two percent from a year ago. In June 2007, 6.4 percent of the internet used a Mac, and 4.85 percent used Safari.

Charles Jade of Ars Technica also notes that two thirds of Macs in use now feature Intel processors.

The vast majority of the Safari users are Mac users, with only 4.3 percent of Safari users running it under Windows. That's a ten-fold increase, though, in Safari for Windows users since it was introduced at 2007's WWDC.

Jade attributes Safari's gains to the one time Windows "Software Update trick" that placed Safari in the list of apps to update, even if the user didn't have Safari already installed.

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