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Poachers Pilfer Pwnage


Looks like unscrupulous poachers are stealing free software. Word this morning is that UK-based is selling the otherwise free Pwnage tool and for a hefty 29.99 ($60). Not a bad profit margin for software they neither built nor have the right to distribute.

To quote the iPhone dev team, "We have all put in lots of time to bring you this application for FREE. We didn't license this application to them, we don't license it to anyone." Looks like the miscreants didn't do much to try to cover their tracks either. The application contains the original Pwnage credits and help file. In the words of the dev team, "Stop Thief!"

Pwnage is a free jailbreaking and unlocking tool for the iPhone and iPod touch. Among other things it allows users to access the iPhone's Mac OS X command line and install and run third party applications.

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