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PocketMac Ringtone Studio for iPhone


Information Appliance Associates, the company that brought us the PocketMac series of sync software, has announced PocketMac Ringtone Studio for iPhone.

While the $14.95 application doesn't do anything that you can't already do with GarageBand and a little bit of knowledge, it does make creation of custom iPhone ringtones a lot easier. You can drag any unprotected music or QuickTime movie file to PocketMac Ringtone Studio, select a 30-second bit for the ringtone, and then export the ringtone into the iTunes "Ringtones" folder. The video above shows the entire process, along with a strange "jazz and random banging on the piano" soundtrack.

There are some other alternatives available for creating your own ringtones:
As usual, the PocketMac folks offer a 90-day "no questions" money back guarantee on their software.

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