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Samsung to include free Foxtel iQ2 HD DVR with flat-panel purchase

Darren Murph

Simmer down, North Americans / Europeans / Africans / etc. -- you should know this here deal is being reserved for those in Australia, so don't go ordering yourself a new Sammy without reading the fine print (or buying yourself a plane ticket). Reportedly, Samsung is looking to rival Sony's "Free PS3" promotion by tossing in a newly launched Foxtel iQ2 HD DVR for folks picking up a Samsung flat-panel HDTV and connecting to the HD+ service. Better still, Samsung will pick up the tab on the $200 connection fee as well. An official announcement of the partnership is expected within a fortnight, so if you've been looking to snag a new HDTV and make the dive into pay-HDTV, we'd hold off just a bit longer if you're even mildly fond of fantastic freebies.

[Via CNET]

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