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The Tuesday Morning Post: Post-WWI edition


Good Tuesday Morning everyone! We have a long maintenance ahead of us today, from 3AM to 11AM PDT. This downtime is in part to install new hardware on the Dunemaul realm in preparation for Wrath of the Lich King. Adam speculated a bit on what it may mean for the release date, but what it means in the short term is that those of us who play around now have to find something else to do.

Since we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 hours to wait until we can play WoW again, this is the perfect time to do a little bit of browsing on WoW Insider. Here's a recap of just some of the great content from the past week.

The World Wide Invitational was the big event of the weekend, of course, and there we had a team on the convention floor gathering all the news. You can check out our giant WWI roundup for all the liveblogs and reports on the class panel, the PvP panel, the dungeons and raids panel, and the Q&A panel, and event coverage. You'll also find extensive analysis of all the information broken down by class and subject. We also have a peek at the WWI goodie bag and videos from the Turpster! Check the roundup for all of it.

In addition, we posted even more Worldwide Invitational news and analysis on Monday:

While WWI did take up a lot of everyone's time and imagination this past week, there was other non-WWI news to be had... for example, the splash screen that appeared in the days before WWI!

But seriously, there was non-WWI related news this week. For example, Season 4 went live recently, and we have all the news and guides you'll need to make the most of it.

Here's a roundup of some of the other breaking news, analysis, and other such things from the team here at WoW Insider:

If guides are more your speed, we had some good ones premiering this week:

Enjoy, and keep checking back throughout the downtime for all the latest news and information on WoW. Also, be sure to join It Came From The Blog on the Zangarmarsh server tomorrow for the second part of our Midsummer Fire Festival tour!

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