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Time Warner Cable slings a dozen HD channels to Southern California

Darren Murph

While TWC is busy rolling out SDV in San Diego, the carrier is also gearing up to do some reshuffling and add a full dozen high-def channels in Southern California. Aside from a few SD slot changes (which are detailed in the read link for those who care), the real news comes with the arrival of HGTV HD (433), Food Network HD (434), CNN HD (432), History Channel HD (439), A&E HD (439), Golf / Versus HD (423), Discovery HD (418), TLC HD (437), Disney Channel HD (435), ABC Family HD (436), ESPNews HD (426) and National Geographic HD (440). According to the most recent programming alert, all of the HD stations "will be launched in all areas," but there's no telling how quickly each market will be hit once the rollouts begin on July 9th. Keep a close on that EPG, SoCal. [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

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