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GoLive2 reveals wireless Stix, we can't quite pinpoint the inspiration

Darren Murph

Oh, that's right -- the Wiimote! For the second time in as many months we've got ourselves a bona fide Wiimote wannabe, except for the PC. GoLive2's Stix collection (200 / 400) are wireless motion-sensing controllers designed to play PC and internet-based games, with Games for Windows titles and "thousands of free web-based games" called out in particular. According to Brian Zheng, the president of Plahut, Stix will "completely change the way people experience online and PC gaming," though we definitely have our reservations about that. The Stix 200 will supposedly be compatible with just 2D games, while the Stix 400 gets down with 3D titles; pricing has yet to be disclosed, but feel free to waste your time check these out in August.

[Via I4U News]

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