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Klimatic Base 1 AirWater Machine pulls drinking water from the air


It may not create drinking water from anything like Dean Kamen's wonder machine, but this new so-called Klimatic Base 1 AirWater Machine does its share of inventive (but not entirely unique) water purifying nonetheless, with it promising to pull drinkable water out of the air. That's done, as you might have guessed, with the aid of an apparently standard dehumidifier, which gets paired with several filters and a UV light chamber that the company says will eliminate any bacterial content that might be in the water. You'll apparently even be able to get both hot and cold water from the dispenser. There's no word on price or availability just yet, unfortunately, and we wouldn't recommend trying to rig up your own with a Brita filter and the dehumidifier in your basement in the meantime either.

[Via Tech Digest]

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