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Les Claypool puts a funky groove on Mushroom Men


This is something we didn't know: Primus frontman, and all-around awesome dude, Les Claypool, contributed music for Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars. To be more exact, he contributed tunes to capture the feel of each of the different races found in the game, which we imagine is quite the potent combo when paired with the lovely game art we've seen.

You see, MTV Multiplayer recently had the Wii version of the game demoed for them, and they walked away pretty impressed with the game's audio offerings. The music seems to be procedural, and changes as the player accomplished tasks in the game world, shifting and reshaping in line with what is happening in the game. All in all, it seems that Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars is going to at least provide an interesting audio experience. Let's hope the gameplay is being developed with as much care!

Not familiar with Les and Primus? Head on past the break for a pair of our favorite Primus tunes.


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