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The Daily Grind: Would your dress up as your MMO character?

Kyle Horner

As much as many of us probably have an invested amount of time and love in our in-game avatars, would any of you dress up as them? We don't mean dress up poorly, unless that's just your thing. We mean would you dress up as your avatar on a professional level? The whole nine yards with a custom tailored costume sparring no infinitesimal detail. If the answer is no, then we have to wonder what it would take for you to do such an unthinkable thing: Money, cookies, maybe death threats?

This is all especially relevant due to the fact that Massively will be running the MMORPG costume contest this year at Dragon*Con. While we're on the topic of that, we should mention that there is an extreme lack of Warhammer Online costumes out there, so bring the waaagh! We certainly hope that some of you out there aren't too opposed to dressing up and puttin' da Gork in it!

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