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80+ tracks for Rock Band 2, no music creation

Majed Athab

It's not surprising to hear that Rock Band 2 will be at E3 with some megaton details being dished out (including playlist), but it is quite luscious to hear that round two will feature over 80 tracks. That's quite an ambitious feat for MTV Games and Harmonix, especially with all songs being master recordings. Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos has said: "With Rock Band 2, the focus is on perfection of the experience. We've had a year to listen to our fans and build out the scope, depth and polish ..." Rock Band 2 is set to add more variety to the rhythm game with more female-fronted bands and new artists who've never contributed to games before.

On another note, Rigopulos addressed that user-created music won't be coming to RB2. "We really felt like we wanted to do it right," said Rigopulos. "We're taking a radically different approach to that problem. It's something we wanted to take more time to do it right. It's actually something we're not focused on in Rock Band 2. We're really focused on other areas related to the music and bringing the community together." With 80+ tracks for the second game and a constant stream of DLC, we think we'll be too busy to actually care about user-created content anyway.

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