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Animal Crossing teased in UK's Official Nintendo Magazine

Justin McElroy

The first time we all saw big headed Mii's strolling around the plaza, we imagine we all had the same thought: Animal Crossing on the Wii is a lock. But here we are, a year-and-a-half after the system's release, and we still haven't gotten to use a Wiimote to rock with KK Slider. However, if we're reading a hint in UK's Official Nintendo Magazine right, the wait may nearly be over.

The magazine's latest issue features a still from the Animal Crossing-verse with the quote "It's been a while! It's time to revisit an old friend. How's your village doing these days?" Is that enough for us to bet on seeing a new Crossing game at E3? Yes. But it should also be known: We're addicted to gambling.

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