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Authenticators sold out, for now

Amanda Dean

It looks like I'm not the only one keen on getting a shiny, new account authenticator. The Blizzard Store is currently marked as "Sold Out" on the product. Tyren posted on the General Discussion forum that it will be several weeks before they will be available for purchase once again.

I believe that those who have placed their orders are still slated to receive them, though I have received no word on my order. I ordered mine Tuesday morning, and the order status is currently sitting as processed. If they follow the shipping schedule in the email, the devices should be sent out at some point tomorrow. I'll give a full review once my token arrives at my doorstep.

Tyren also address the issue of releasing the authenticator in the only. Aparently Blizzard is working on a solution to get the devices shipped overseas in the future. The US-only release was done to avoid delaying the authenticators to at least some of the customers. Blizzard has promised more details on international shipping as soon as they come available. I have heard that some folks have had guildies in the States purchase authenticators to later be shipped privately.

I'm kind of afraid that the authenticator is going to add an additional layer of hassle in addition to security. The product description states that the authenticator should last several years. I happen to be very good at losing things, like leaving my blackberry on my desk at work this afternoon (Good lookin' out, Pam!). I plan to tether it to my computer. I'm also concerned that there may be a hassle if I ever need to deactivate or replace the device.

It's, of course, not required that everyone purchase an authenticator. It is still important to use caution on the Internet, whether or not you buy one of these doohickeys. Using comprehensive internet hygiene will help to protect not just your WoW account, but other important records.

Update- Mine shipped out this morning.

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