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HMV (finally) embraces used game sales


HMV, the music, movie, and games retailer with locations throughout the UK, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong, is finally catching up with the wants needs of modern gamers. Starting later this year, the chain will begin selling second-hand games at some of its locations, ramping up across the globe in 2009.

We're not sure why it took so long for HMV to begin selling used software. Perhaps it thought it was actually in Japan, which lifted its ban on used game sales in 2002?

In any event, the move will put HMV on a level playing field with other UK games retailers, including Game and CEX, who have offered used titles for some time (the latter dealing in them exclusively). Now all HMV has to do to recreate the US game-buying experience is to get bought out by GameStop. You know, like New Zealand's Gamesman.

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