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McFarlane Toys takes on Call of Duty: World at War

After teasing the images and announcement across the web earlier this morning, McFarlane Toys is finally sharing details of its latest licensed toy lineup: Call of Duty: World at War. Scheduled to be released this fall – alongside Treyarch's latest take on the venerable franchise and McFarlane's other Activision-enabled lineup, the Guitar Hero figurines – the World at War figures can be described with superlatives like "highly detailed," "game-accurate," and "for sale."

Speaking of for sale, four figures will be available for $10 to $15 including the Marine Infantry soldier (includes M1 Garand rifle and bayonet, pictured above); the Marine Corps soldier (packing the flamethrower, just like in the game); another Marine Corps soldier (with machine gun, pistol & holster); and lastly, the British Special Ops soldier (includes adorable accent).

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