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Ominous Resistance 2 ARG site Project Abraham uncovered

Alan Tsang

We are not sure how they did it, but some very clever posters over at NeoGAF has found us another ARG website for Resistance 2. The website features a woman standing over you at what appears to be a hospital, concerned for your well-being, before she is forcibly removed and the video ends with a long beep.

What does this all mean? Is that actress Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galatica fame standing over us in this video? What is Project Abraham? Is that logo on her shirt the same as the one of the US military from The Morse code at the end of the video apparently spells "blackout" and leads you to another part of the site, with a picture of seven guys that you can move around on a table.

Is Nathan Hale one of these guys? Is the darkness on the sides moving? We noticed pressing tab will frame a yellow rectangle around the picture. You can also drag the picture all the way off screen on the bottom and the right, but not the top and the left, And what is that in the window on the left? Take a look around and post your thoughts on this. *hums The X-files theme*

[Via NeoGAF -- thanks, Noshino!]

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