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PSP sells nearly 2 million in Japan so far for 2008

Majed Athab

In Japan, PSP is king. Or, at least is has been so for the majority of this year thus far. Ever since Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G hit stores back in late March, the PSP has dominated the Japanese hardware charts. As a result, the PSP has gone off to sell 1,964,461 units for the first six months of 2008 in Japan alone. That makes the PSP, so far, the most successful system in Japan in terms of volume sales.

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G has gone to sell 2.3 million units in little over three months. That's quite amazing to say the least. With such successes across the Pacific, we can't help but take notice and reflect upon the current condition of PSP in North America. Where are we going? Hopefully, E3 will provide us all with some answers.

[Via PSPHyper]

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