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Resident Evil 5 producer teases co-op mode

Alan Tsang

UGO has landed an interview with Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi to discuss the upcoming survival horror sequel. Takeuchi begins by defending the RE5 team's decision to use Africa as a backdrop, insisting it is not a race issue. In fact, Chris will not even leave Africa for the entirety of the game. Gameplay-wise, he tells us in the current version of the game, it will allow you to "switch weapons in real time but we can't 100% confirm that that's how the final game will end up." Another gameplay element highlighted is destructible environments -- seemingly safe hiding places can be eliminated by getting knocked down.

Takeuchi also speaks of utilizing next-gen console technology to create "bright, outdoor environments" with an "action-based, a different kind of horror." Quick-time events will also remain in the game, but will "be much more active." Takeuchi then teases everyone by glancing at a PR representative when asked about a co-op mode and responding with "Right now I don't have anything to say about that. All I can say is just wait for E3." He is right, we can't wait for E3 to find out more!

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