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WoW Moviewatch: Veil of Corruption

Moo Money

With the premiere of Azerothian Super Villians - Episode 6 set for tomorrow, we wanted to start you off with some epic weekend viewing. By epic, we mean Veil of Corruption, a 115-minute machinima that neglects the hero-based storylines you're used to. Instead, they focus on what they refer to as politics and connivery.

VoC is about the struggle for control in Azeroth. In an attempt to receive the answer he has been praying for, the Alliance Grand Marshal, Paladin Valerius, goes on a soul-searching mission that leads him to the tomb of Uther Lightbringer. When peace seems to be within reach, he begins to wonder if it will last ...

With voice acting in German and subtitles in English, this movie took a year and a half to make from about 60 pages of script! Believe it or not, this is actually only the initial part of a planned trilogy. If you enjoyed the first hour, check out the ending, which was too long to go in the stream above.


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