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MetroCast tosses 6 new HD channels to Starkville, MS

Darren Murph

While AT&T is mulling the idea of moving into Mississippi, MetroCast is busy boosting its relatively pathetic HD lineup. According to a flyer received by a subscriber in Starkville, the carrier is introducing six new HD channels effective immediately to bring the total to 16. Without further adieu, they are: Science HD (414), TLC HD (415), Animal Planet HD (416), Outdoor HD (417), Discovery HD (418) and HBO HD (506). The outfit is also tossing in a few analog and digital SD stations, but we can pretty much guess how much those will excite you. Oh, and we can't say for sure, but it sounds like customers in Kosciusko and Philadelphia may also see the newcomers.

[Thanks, Reed]

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