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Minefield offers custom builds of Firefox 3

Cory Bohon

If you think Firefox could run a little faster on your Mac, then you might want to download one of BeatnikPad's custom builds of Firefox 3. "Minefield" (previously known as BonEcho for pre-3.0 releases) is Neil Lee's custom build of Firefox. He is currently offering custom builds for:

  • Minefield (Firefox) 3.0 for Intel
  • Minefield (Firefox) 3.0 for PowerPC G5
  • Minefield (Firefox) 3.0 for PowerPC G4
Neil Lee has been offering custom builds of Firefox for many years now. They can make Firefox run a bit faster and smoother on older Macs. You can download them for free (though donations are accepted) from the BeatnikPad website.

[via IGM]

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