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Princess Maker 4: Implicitly erotic parenting sim coming to DS

Eric Caoili

Gainax's (Neon Genesis Evangelion) Princess Maker series seems harmless at first, a cute "life simulator" in which you raise an orphaned girl to womanhood. The dominant/submissive undertones in the games aren't obvious until you realize the absolute control you have over every aspect of your devoted ward's life.

You can train her in combat to have her fight at the Harvest Festival, put her on a diet so that she can wear fashionable outfits, or send her to work at a bar to raise her "Sinfulness" stat while lowering her "Morals."

Depending on your guidance, your daughter can grow up to be the queen, lead an army, or marry the butler. If you raise her wrong, however, as we assume many gamers will do intentionally, she could become the king's concubine, work as a sleazy barmaid, or even marry her adoptive father!

Originally released for PCs and the PSP in 2006, Princess Maker 4 is also coming to the DS with a Special Edition subtitle this September in Japan. Publisher Cyberfront has a few improvements and additions planned for the port -- three new endings, stat details moved to the bottom screen, and, of course, touchsceen support.

According to the official site, using your stylus, you can "pat your daughter's head, pinch her cheeks, and etc." Etc., indeed. Try out a very brief and somewhat NSFW demo after the post break!

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