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The Pernicious Privateers of Pirates of the Caribbean Online


Arr! Closer come ye, for I have risen with news of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online!

Be ye an honest captain or be ye a pirate, be there one amongst ye who can clear the seas of the scum that floats upon 'er? Aye, I be talking about Privateering! Turn your sheets into the wind and lash the wheel tight and bring yourself to Isle D'Etable De Porc if ye be friendly to the French, or Isla De La Avaricia if the Spanish have y'r loyalty. Seek ye there crew, provisions and ammo fer the fighting ahead! And may the wind be ever at your back but pass over the sails of yer enemy! Privateering only be available to Unlimited Access members on the Test Server, but it be coming soon enough to the Live servers.

I wager there be more news after yon break. Click ye through to see thar th' rest.

There be news on the wind that the Yankee rebels have given mad King George a poke in the eye! That be as good a reason as any to celebrate, and from the third day of July to the sixth, the governors of Port Royal, Tortuga, and Padres del Fuego have contracted with Chinese masters t' turn the night sky bright with cannonades and star bursts. If ye be stopped in one of these ports t' sell yer booty or take on a cargo, it would be downright unfriendly not t' have a drink for our fighting friends t' the north.

Lastly, there be rumors about that Carver be tryin' t' trick his way onto th' Black Pearl, however unwise that may be. There be something about him. Methinks he be hiding something -- but we all are, aye? He be askin' about you in Tortuga, and best ye see why before those whispers wander to noble ears. Arr, the sunlight and with it my ruin comes, an I not be off. But I be here every night when the moon is bright, ready with the news. Now, be quick wit ye!

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