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TWC brings a dozen HD channels to Kansas City, has SDV to thank

Darren Murph

Remember how we told you that switched digital video was enabling more and more cable carriers to add more HD channels? Case, meet point. Just days after Time Warner Cable implemented SDV in Kansas City (and ticked off more than a few CableCARD users), we've now found out why such a decision was made. As of now, twelve new high-def channels are at everyone's disposal, including TBS HD (1014), TLC HD (1040), Travel Channel HD (1050), CNN HD (1044), Science HD (1023), Versus / Golf HD (1055), Animal Planet HD (1057), Fox News HD (1060), ESPNews HD (1204), Outdoor Channel HD (1202), Biography HD (1217) and Planet Green HD (1226). Unfortunately for the 1,200 or so KC-area CableCARD users, every last one of these new stations are being delivered via SDV, so unless you revert back to the company-issued set-top-box, you'll be moseying over to the neighbor's house in order to catch a glimpse.
[Thanks, Jondy and Matt]

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