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Wall-E becomes first Arabic-language game for current-gen consoles

Kyle Orland

We know its July 4 an we should be focusing on celebrating our country's independence by eating dead animals and/or blowing stuff up (ideally at the same time). That said, we just couldn't resist sharing this story we just stumbled upon about THQ's Wall-E being the first current-generation game to be published in Arabic for the Middle Eastern Market.

Porting the game to Arabic was a no-brainer, according to THQ's Export Sales and Marketing Manager Luke Keighran. "There are only few games that would suit the Middle East's morals more than WALL???E," he told PC Magazine Middle and Near East. "The game depicts family virtues through a fun and adventurous story line." We guess that means WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009 won't be seeing an Arabic port any time soon, huh?

[Via GameSetWatch]

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