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ATMC Cable acquires Tele-Media, 1,100 subscribers to be switched over

Darren Murph

North Carolina-based ATMC Cable has just acquired another local cable company, Tele-Media. The agreement will see "the majority of Tele-Media's cable television assets in Brunswick County" becomes ATMC's, and all areas currently served by Tele-Media (save for Bald Head Island) will soon be served by a new master. That means that just over 1,100 customers in the Bricklanding, Shell Point, Holden Beach / Seashore Road and Sunset Harbor / River Run areas will be affected, but judging by the way ATMC has been rolling high-def options out of late, we don't suspect anyone will complain. As it stands, the deal should close in early July, with another 75 - 90 days before the conversion is complete.

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