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Chrono Trailer


The countdown on the Japanese Chrono Trigger teaser site has elapsed. Now, the teaser site redirects to, which loads up ... a new trailer for Chrono Trigger DS!

Featuring the original Akira Toriyama character art and footage of just one gameplay screen, this trailer could easily pass as a promotional video for the original Chrono Trigger if not for the "2008. Winter" tag at the end. The game looks identical in motion (unless that is Super Famicom footage). Of course, that will change when whatever is going on on the other screen is revealed.

After the video plays, a link comes up for an "About Chrono Trigger DS" page, which mostly states what we know (that Chrono Trigger is old, and that the DS version will differ in the fact that it uses two screens), but it mentions that the game (presumably in the Wireless Play mode) will support up to four players.

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