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Free Bungie Day '08 downloads are now available!

Dustin Burg

Just so you know, the FREE Bungie Day 2008 theme and gamer picture pack are now available for download off the Xbox Live Marketplace. W00tacular! And no, your calendar is not misinforming you. The downloads are available a day early (tomorrow, July 7th is officially Bungie Day), but that just allows us to celebrate 48 hours of Bungie Day(s). You'll have to wait for Cold Storage though, it'll be made available for FREE sometime tomorrow.

Also, when you download today's free goodies, be sure to note the gamer picture pack. Not only is there a soffish, a Pimps at Sea logo and bleached white Bungie logo, but there's one other featuring none other than the mysterious Superintendent himself! He also makes an appearance on the theme's Games blade. What a damn cute lil' plumber.

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