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Another XBLA twofer: Schizoid and Golf: Tee It Up!

Dustin Burg

Hey fanboys, we have some sploderific news to share! This week Microsoft is treating us to an Xbox Live Arcade twofer as Golf: Tee It Up! and the long awaited, highly anticipated and co-op friendly Schizoid make their release to the Arcade this Wednesday, July 9th. Huzzah!

For 800 Microsoft points, you can grab Torpex Games' Schizoid, a cooperative, explosive, color coded adventure featuring 120 levels of craziness, online co-op and an Uberschizoid mode where one player takes command of both ships. Yikes! We don't have to tell you that we're a tad bit excited to play Schizoid, so you can all but guarantee we'll be giving it a test drive this Wednesday and earning the coveted Sploderific achievement. Also releasing for 800 point this week is the cartoonified golfing game Golf: Tee It Up! where eighteen holes of online golfing competition with up to four players awaits. Unfashionable golf shorts not included. Check the screenshots below and drool over the Schizoid greatness.



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