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Blu-ray discs expand to 400GB, thanks to Pioneer


People were impressed when Konami and Kojima Productions managed to fill up an entire dual-layered 50GB Blu-ray disc with Metal Gear Solid 4. But 50GB discs? That's so passé. Pioneer has just developed a sixteen-layer Blu-ray disc that holds 400GB of data (!). With this kind of disc, your PS3 hard drive could be copied five times over, just for the heck of it.

Unfortunately, this impressive tech will not be compatible with your current PS3. [Update: There is some debate over this fact. Some are claiming current BD lasers will be able to read these discs. More info should be revealed next week.] However, the specifications used to manufacture these 400GB discs will allow any future reader that supports these discs to be backwards-compatible with older Blu-ray discs. We can already see the future: Final Fantasy XV on PS4, with over 2 weeks of cutscenes.

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