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CoX seeks player submissions for optional in-game ads

Adrian Bott

As the City of Heroes dev team always said, optional in-game ads aren't all about advertising someone else's product. There's potential there for the players to use the billboard space, too; we thought the idea of advertising player-made publications, events, supergroups and even heroic deeds on the game's own billboards was fantastic.

They're now making good on their words, as Community Relations Manager Alex 'Lighthouse' Von Minden has put the call out for player submissions that can be put in front of the Dev team. Guidelines for creating in-game ads can be found on the fan submission guidelines page.

The well-loved regular fixture The City Scoop, a player-made magazine, is naturally in the forefront here and several ads for it have already been created, including the superb ad made by Echonis and pictured alongside. There's no guarantee that any submissions will be used, but the NCsoft community people can certainly take them to the devs' table to be looked at.

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