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Deco Tendances: the game for cutthroat Animal Crossing players


Do you love Animal Crossing but hate all the communicating, working, running errands, and maintaining the town bits? Also, is it too much of a game for you? Deco Tendances (Deco Trends) is perfect for you: it focuses entirely on home decoration.

The program is designed to help with principles of interior design, featuring 24 tips in six major categories, including painting and wallpapering, window decoration, and complementing colors. Each tip is accompanied by multiple photos, and a color wheel is included as well. In addition, just because, there are four minigames.

The immediate reaction to something like this is to dismiss it as shovelware and get angry about how it's destroying the industry, and maybe that's accurate (the first part). But we also see somebody doing something new on the DS, that may be helpful to someone. And you still don't have to buy it. Besides, as we suggested above, interior decoration is the heart of one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises.

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