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Everyone peeved at iPhone 3G pricing on some carriers -- Apple included?

Chris Ziegler

To call customer reaction to Rogers' iPhone 3G pricing plans "lukewarm" would be doing them an enormous favor. The plans -- which start out at $60 for just 150 voice minutes and can't be had with unlimited data at any price -- have spawned a pretty big grassroots effort in the form of an online petition that's managed to collect five figures' worth of signatures so far, and while an online petition won't likely net any results, drawing Apple's ire just might. Rumor has it that Cupertino has diverted a portion of Rogers' allotted launch handsets to Europe, leaving some retail stores in Canada with just 10-20 units for the 11th. It's all hearsay at this point, but honestly, a phone that thrives on data perhaps more than any other getting launched without a single unlimited data plan? Come on now, really.

[Via Mac Rumors]

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