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Fable 2 Pub Games coming August to XBLA, free with pre-order

Ross Miller

Microsoft has announced that Fable 2 Pub Games, a collection of three casino-style Xbox Live Arcade games that help you boost your money for Fable 2, is coming in August for 800 MS points (US $10). However, according to the press release, Pub Games is free for those who pre-order at participating retailers. The three games are:
  • Keystone, a combination of Craps and Roulette
  • Spinnerbox, an "updated take" on slot machines
  • Fortune's Tower, a "press your luck style of game"
Also included is Shell, a tutorial for all three. Taking a route similar to Spore Creature Creator, Microsoft is also including the Pub Games in both the Standard and Limited Editions of Fable 2, meaning if you can hold out until the game is released, you won't have to shell out the $10. Fable 2 is due out "later this year," with recent hints of an October launch.

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