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Infinity Ward re-ups with Activision, hints at new franchise


With development of the latest Call of Duty falling to Treyarch, what's COD1/2/4 dev Infinity Ward up to? We'll give you one guess. If you said "Call of Duty 5," Activision would say "no comment." But you'd likely definitely be correct. But the company, who recently renewed its publishing contract with Activision, has its sights set on more than sequels.

In an update on his blog, IW's director of communications / community manager Robert "Fourzerotwo" Bowling reveals that the company is looking at "the possibility of a unique new IP" – one that it will "have complete control over." We're going out on a limb and betting that it won't have anything to do with military combat.

As for its next game? The one that's not an original IP and wow-that-sure-sounds-like-COD5? Bowling says that IW is "excited to be working on our next project, but it's going to be quite a while before I can share any details on exactly what that project is." "Quite a while" = [insert industry event here] '09.

[Via GameSpot]

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