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Midna, Rosalina expertly cosplayed by Nintendo convert


Did you know that some people really like Nintendo games? It's true! Some people express their fandom by writing about Target Terror price drops, while others choose to imitate game characters at anime festivals. The Tanooki interviewed one such cosplayer, Andrea Zampella, and found that her Nintendo devotion is a new development!

As it turns out, she grew up Segaist. It wasn't until Sonic the Hedgehog games began to show up on the GameCube that Andrea began to appreciate Nintendo consoles. Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games was the catalyst for her complete conversion, marking the end of the Sonic/Mario rivalry. "Plus," she said, "Super Mario Galaxy was the bomb, and so was Rosalina!"

Check after the break for a picture of Andrea as Rosalina. More images of both the Rosalina and Midna costumes can be found at The Tanooki, along with the full interview.

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