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Mr. Bean wandering to Wii


We haven't been so confused by a game announcement since we first heard about Major League Eating: The Game. We like Mr. Bean, and we like 2.5D platformers, so the announcement of Mr. Bean's Wacky World is at least good news, mathematically. But it doesn't work like that. Much like grape jelly and Cheetos (two other things we like) some excellent things become significantly less excellent when combined.

How does a Mr. Bean game even work? How do you design controls for a character who is supposed to be totally inept? Will developer Blast! Entertainment even tackle this design issue, or will they make a generic platformer about jumping on the same cloned bad guy's head five million times? The PS2 game from last year seems to fall into the "generic" category, though it's fully 3D. We'll find out this fall, when the game comes out in Europe.

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