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Nintendo 'localizes' DS systems for Asia

Candace Savino

We may not be getting a redesigned DS in the near future (if you believe the company line), but there will be some "localized" DS systems flooding the markets in the near future. We're not sure what the differences are between a "localized" handheld and a good old-fashioned DS Lite, as Nintendo hasn't offered any specifics. What we do know is this:

  • They'll be releasing in Taiwan, possibly South Korea, and (eventually) China
  • They'll be sold in mobile phone stores
  • They'll be available by the end of the month
We wonder if the fact that these redesigned localized DSes are being sold in phone stores is an indication of cell phone support (or, at the very least, connectivity). We think guessing "yes" is a pretty safe bet, but in any case, we're waiting to hear more details from Nintendo itself before going crazy with speculation. This is certainly an interesting move on the Big N's part, though, in the company's attempt to revive sales and fight the popular PC beast in Asia. Being the analyst wannabes that we are, we can't wait to see if this has any impact on the hardware market.

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