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NTT DoCoMo launching BlackBerry Internet Service

Darren Murph

A full 25 months after we first heard that NTT DoCoMo was bringing BlackBerry to Japan, the carrier is just now getting around to announcing the launch of BlackBerry Internet Service. Of note, the provider still expects you folks over there to use that trusty (and rusty) 8707h to keep tabs with your corporate email, but at least you'll have bona fide BIS! Anywho, the service will run users ¥3,045 ($29) per month on top of the standard FOMA charges, and in case you're hungry for more, a BlackBerry Data Transmission Package will see the light in September and enable subscribers to "transmit up to 80,000 packets of data per month for a flat charge of ¥1,680 ($16). For those curious, extra data beyond that will run your bill up at the rate of ¥0.0525 ($.00049) per packet.

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