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One more anime-inspired soul for Soulcalibur IV

Majed Athab

The anime invasion of Soulcalibur IV is relentless. It never ceases to end; with now having the fifth character revealed, how many more does Namco plan on adding? The latest anime-inspired, original combatant to join the roster is Kamikirimusi. She's some sort of half-demon and is a creation from Hirokazu Hisayuki whose previous works have included The Visions of Escaflowne and Tekken: The Movie.

As we've mentioned in previous posts, all the new anime cameo characters are female. None are male. Perhaps, that's a good thing as it balances out the very male-centric Star Wars cameo cast (Vader and his apprentice for the PS3 version). With Soulcalibur IV's release only three weeks away, it's a wonder what other stuff Namco will hit us with next.

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