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Rumorong: Nintendo DS redesign not leaked by Disgaea DS ad

Jason Dobson

The internet speculation switchboard lit up this weekend when a print ad for a trio of new Nintendo DS titles -- Disgaea DS, Rhapsody, and A Witch's Tale -- from NIS America in the August issue of Nintendo Power was found to show Nintendo's touchable handheld with noticeably wider screens. Some might even call these widescreens. But was this a simple Photoshop snafu, or an unintentional peek at Nintendo's E3 plot?

With Nintendo brushing aside the supposed leak as "purely rumour and speculation," we followed up with NIS America, the proverbial horse's mouth. "We placed screenshots on a DS backing to emphasize the platform, and edited them for effect," explained NISA marketing swami, Nao Zook. "These games are specifically for the current Nintendo DS, and as far as we know, there is no 'widescreen DS' in the works." She offered apologies for any confusion or elevated hopes the ad might have caused, adding, "we also agree that a widescreen DS would be really cool." We agree, almost as cool as being asked to purchase Nintendo's portable yet again ...

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