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'Team Sneaking' mode added to Metal Gear Online


Metal Gear Solid 4 may be in the can, but development of Metal Gear Online continues. When we last spoke with Kojima Productions associate producer Ryan Payton, he confirmed that the MGO team would be busy for some time expanding and patching the multiplayer Metal Gear experience. Today July 4 saw the release of one of the fruits of its labor: a new game mode.

Called "Team Sneaking," the mode is similar to "Sneaking" in that one team – not just Snake as in the latter mode's case – is invisible until detected and must hide from the opposing team until the Caution expires. The sneaking team also has an objective to complete inside their opponents' base.

Today's update also adds a "Headshots Only" option for game hosts. As the name implies, games with this modifier will only reward points for headshots. (Kills from shots to the body will actually subtract points from players' scores.) The update is live now and free of charge. Just fire up MGS4, head into MGO, and you're good to "Go! Go! Go!"

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