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Turbine is seeking new headquarters and additional developer talent

Matt Warner

Turbine Entertainment, the creators of MMO titles Asheron's Call, Dungons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online landed $40 million dollars in investment a few months ago. Speculation has run rampant on what console MMOG the company is developing, but now we know where some of that 40 million is being spent.

The Boston Globe is reporting potential tax breaks for video-game development studios based in Massachusetts and spoke with Turbine chief financial officer, Peter Faubert regarding the proposed legislation. Game development is booming in Massachusetts and it turns out Turbine is looking for a new headquarters in the Boston area since they have outgrown their studios in Westwood. Faubert goes on to say that Turbine plans to add an additional 100 staff to Turbine's burgeoning ranks by the end of 2009. Many employment opportunities are available on the official Turbine INC. website, but any indication on the specifics regarding a new project is cleverly kept covert.

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