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Forum post of the day: How the other half lives

Amanda Dean

Uhohhotdog of Mathrezim has a leveling problem. In the General Discussion forum he announced that fails whenever he tries to level an Alliance character. He asked if others have this problem. Secksie of Tanaris said that she has the same problem, only she can't seem to manage to roll Horde.

It looks like the issues is not so much faction pride as friends and familiarity. Probably the most important factor is having friends or guildies to play with on the other side. Millaneous of Norgannon said that he doesn't care which side he plays, as long as he's playing with friends. Rummi of Ysera finds difficulty in breaking the link with his main character when playing on Alliance side. It's kind of Lonely and outside of one's established element.

I have to admit, I have trouble leveling Alliance characters. It's not that I don't want to, it's just so out of my element. When I roll Alliance, I don't have the backing of my own Level 70 characters for gold and support. I tend to run my own lowbies through instances and ride to my own rescue.

I've got a 41 Warlock out there that I haven't touched since long before the Burning Crusade, and I'm determined to play Alliance with some friends of mine. They're on a PvE server, also an experience I don't quite understand. I'm not as familiar with the zones and quests. It will happen, maybe not today, but someday I will successfully level an alliance character. Maybe I'll just transfer the 'Lock.

What's your experience with going outside your usual faction?

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