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GH: Aerosmith compatibility poll results are ... inconclusive

Well, now what? After finding plenty of conflicting information as to whether or not the Rock Band Stratocaster works on the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (including a direct capture of it not working) we decided to ask you directly in the hopes we could arrive at some sort of answer. Instead, we've got this: 4.7% say it works while 5.6% say it doesn't (89.7% just wanted to play along at home).

Now, considering how unscientific this methodology is, we're pretty sure our margin of error is in excess of 5%. Even if we were to consider the information accurate, we're still at a deadlock. Activision isn't talking (really, we've asked for a comment several times), so we're going to go with this: there are multiple versions of the Rock Band Stratocaster and some will work with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and some won't. Really, that's the best we can come up with. Of course, this would be a whole lot easier if Activision would just agree to play nicely.

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